Binge Eating Disorder

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Binge Eating Disorder treatment is often complicated by shame that clients feel about the behavior.  I work with them to stop this self-blame and learn new, more effective behaviors.

Many, though not all, BED clients have a long history of trying to lose weight.  They are “on a diet” most of the time, which sets them up to binge in the evening.  We work on body image and talk about the social pressures which make it difficult, particularly for women but also increasingly for men too, to have a healthy relationship with food.

We use DBT “chain analysis”  to help clients identify the circumstances that trigger binges.   They learn to use DBT skills to be more mindful, manage distress, assert themselves and manage difficult emotions.

I encourage BED clients to work with a nutritionist who can help them develop a pleasurable, sustainable way of feeding themselves.

I work with clients who have had or are waiting for gastric bypass and other procedures.


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