Client portal

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This page is set up for clients to communicate with me easily, without having to call.  By clicking the link below, current clients may communicate through my secure web portal.

I provide clients with a 4 digit random number code, which you use instead of the last 4 digits of your social security number.  (I don’t collect those.)    Please enter your (or your child’s) last name, date of birth, and 4 digit code, and you will be able to enter the portal.  You can then check your next appointment or send me a secure email.

An even more convenient way to contact me is download the free MyTherapist app for your smart phone.  (Note that there is no space between My and Therapist).  Here you follow the same procedure as above.  You can now check your appointment, send me a secure email, or send me a “T Secure Message” text. Note that the emails you send to me through T Securemessage are secure, whereas if you send me a “regular” email it is not.

To send a T Secure Message, send a text through MyTherapist.  I will see the message in my Therasoft database and can reply securely.  You will receive a regular text saying that you have a message in MyTherapist.  You then log into MyTherapist to read it.  This is particularly convenient for rescheduling appointments.

Please use one of these secure methods to send me any messages containing personal information or to reschedule appointments.

In order to keep your payments secure, I do not collect any payments through the web.