Attention Deficit Disorder

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I am a Certified ADHD Professional  and a member of the Institute of Certified ADHD Professionals,

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be “comorbid” (occur together) with some of my other specialities, including anxiety, OCD, trichotillomania/skin picking and tic disorders. Quite frequently it has to be first problem addressed.  Parents report behavioral issues that are related to the ADHD and cause frustration and stress at home and trouble at school.  I help them develop skills to help their child manage the disorder.  This can be done whether or not the parents decide to have the child use medication (the primary treatment for ADHD).

I don’t provide ADHD coaching, a specific treatment modality that holds clients accountable through daily contact.  This is not therapy and no other issues are addressed.  It can be very effective for teens and adults who don’t need therapy, or as an adjunct to therapy for teens and adults when accountability is a difficult issue.

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