Children and Adolescents

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Working with children and teens is especially challenging and rewarding.

I specialize in treating children with the anxiety disorders and OCD and related issues, including ADHD, trichotillomania, skin picking and tics.  Cognitive therapy, Acceptance and Commitment TherapyExposure and Response Prevention, COMB and CBIT are  all helpful to children and teens.   The younger the child, the more the parents are directly involved in the sessions.

work with kids, teens and young adults with ADHD/executive functioning difficulties and associated anxiety.

When I treat children who have oppositional  behaviors, I chose the approach that I believe best fits the child and parents.   I have experience using Collaborative Problem Solving, developed by Drs Ablon and Greene.  This approach develops the cognitive skills the child lacks through practice in collaborating  with parents to solve problems.  I also use Dr Alan Kazdin’s Parent Management Training,  developed at the Yale Parenting Center, to help parents learn to reinforce behavioral change.


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