Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s different about CBT?

CBT is evidence-based.

CBT therapists are generally more interactive than many psychodynamic psychotherapists.

CBT therapists provide a lot of education. Many clients find this very reassuring. Instead of feeling afraid and alone, they learn that their problems can be successfully treated.

CBT therapists will frequently give  “homework”. For example, I might have you fill out a chart about events that upset you, what you were thinking  and feeling at the time, what you did next, and what the consequences were. This can be a useful starting-point for discussion in session.   I help you face anxiety by gradually letting go of your avoidance behaviors ( such as not driving or checking the stove repeatedly). We prepare carefully so the challenge is real but not overwhelming.

My goal is to “work myself out of a job”. The length and frequency of therapy are tailored to your needs. Clients frequently stop therapy and then return for “booster sessions” if they feel they are forgetting their skills or new life challenges come along.

Will it work?

I collaborate with you to develop realistic, observable goals, so that we can tell whether you are making progress, even during temporary setbacks when you are facing new challenges or losses.

I consider the first three sessions as an assessment period, when we both consider whether there is a good “fit” between us. If you don’t like my style, I can suggest some referrals to help you find a therapist who is better “fit.”

What about medications?

I am happy to work with your psychiatrist, prescribing nurse or primary care physician, or refer you to a provider who can prescribe medications for you.

What age groups do you see?

I see adults, adolescents and children.

How are your records maintained? Are records confidential?

My records are maintained by, a company certified by HIPAA.   All issues discussed are confidential and will not be disclosed without your written consent.

There are some exceptions. If there is an acute safety risk to you or anyone else, I may disclose information. Also, if you report abuse of a child or an elder, or of a disabled person by a caretaker, I am mandated to report this. A court may subpoena records.

Any person who assists me with administration — making appointments and billing — has access to the necessary records but is bound by the laws on therapy confidentiality.

I may consult with professional colleagues if I require advice on how to optimize your treatment.  I will not provide any demographic information and will disguise any details that could possibly used to identify you.

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