I-CBT (Inference Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for OCD)

ICBT offers a new type of CBT for OCD.   It is based on the premise that people with OCD have normal reasoning except when their obsessions are triggered.  They then switch to obsessional reasoning (also referred to as ‘inferential confusion’).  In I-CBT clients learn to identify their obsessional reasoning style, no matter in what area the obsession shows up.  The obsessional doubts and compulsions that flow from inferential confusion are resolved when clients learn to recognize this thinking style.  This is a cognitive therapy and does not involve exposures. Importantly, this therapy also recognizes the effects of OCD on distorted beliefs about the self, such as ‘I am a bad person’ or ‘I am a negligent person’, and helps to resolve these also.

ICBT was originally developed by Kieron O’Connor and Frederick Aardema.  I have received training in I-CBT from the OCD Training School.

I have found this type of therapy particularly helpful for clients who have difficulty tolerating Exposure and Response Prevention.