Social Anxiety

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If you are afraid that others will judge you negatively and therefore avoid social situations, you are suffering from Social Anxiety.

Some people  have specific fears, such as of public speaking.   Other people are anxious in most social situations.  Children and teens might avoid sitting with others at lunch.  Adults might avoid asking for a date.  This avoidance results in failure to achieve life goals, loneliness and depression.  Some people with Social Anxiety “hide out in plain sight” by being superficially friendly but never letting anyone get to know them, so they have no real friends.  Social Anxiety can have a very  high cost.

I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to treat Social Anxiety.  The client and I work together to develop tolerable exposures to social situations that were previously avoided.

Recently I have begin teaching some clients Radically Open DBT skills. These are appropriate for ‘overcontrolled’ clients diagnosed with several disorders,  including severe social anxiety, chronic depression and  high-functioning autism.

Social Anxiety responds very well to appropriate treatment.  It is important to see a trained, collaborative clinician who can fine-tune treatment to your individual needs.


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